Will A-level Results be Higher this Year?

Will A-level Results be Higher this Year?

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The good news for those of you who are about to receive your grades is it has been widely reported that A-level results will be higher this year in England. The reason for this is that examination boards are being more lenient than in previous years because of the Covid 19 pandemics interference with students’ education and fact the student’s grades have had to be based on predicted ones.

Ofqual, the official watch dog has said the numbers getting good grades will be 2% higher for A-levels. However, they did sound a note of caution stating that grades will be lower than the "optimistic" predictions from teachers. These predictions would have made A-level results a whoping12% higher than last year!

The exam regulator Ofqual has also said says that they are very confident, that there has been no "unconscious bias" in predicted grades that could conceivably have disadvantaged ethnic minorities or poorer students. Stating that there has been no evidence of a widening gap between ethnic minority and poorer students grades when compared to other students.

Overall it looks at though grades will be more generous this year and exam boards are leaning towards giving students the benefit of the doubt. Last summer 25.5% of candidates achieved an A grade or above at A-level - and this year it is more likely to be about 27.5%.

Students’ grades will be based on a variety of criteria - including their previous exam results, the distribution of grades in the school in recent years, how schools ranked their pupils in expected outcomes, as well as their teachers' predictions. Any students who are unhappy about their grades will be able to resit their exams in the autumn.

For more information about how A-level grades will be awarded please view the government's website.