What's Adjustment???

What's Adjustment???

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Now we’ve all heard of clearing – that horrible, frightful terror that, as you remove your grade from that dreaded brown envelope, all hope is lost.  You didn’t do as well as you expected, just missed the mark in Maths or forgot an essential comma in English; whatever the loss your chosen University is no longer so sure of you. It’s a tragic and stressful time none of us hope to go through.

But, let’s forget about that now! Instead, let’s talk about clearing’s joyful parallel, known as adjustment. Adjustment is for those bewildered, disbelieving students who predict a certain level of grade, only to dramatically exceed their expectation. You anticipated a B, but look, an A! Happy days! So cue the delight, the shock, and the blissful disbelief of your outstanding achievement. This will last for about a day. Then comes the kicker – with a grade like that you could have been accepted into a better University.

But don’t panic. You are not bound to your firm choice of Uni, even if they have already accepted you to their course after receiving your excellent grades. No, with the introduction of adjustment in 2009, students now have the opportunity to flaunt their unexpected results at other Universities that may have previously rejected their predicted grades. This way, you no longer have to settle for a University that your grades prove you can do better than, and can instead shop around for better options.

You can do this without jeopardising your confirmed place with your original Uni choice; they will not know and in turn will not be offended by your wish for an alternative option. You are free to browse to your heart’s content at Uni’s that are now in your reach, but should you decide to stay in place, you are still free to return to your firm as if nothing had happened.

Adjustment is becoming more and more popular each year, as students exceed their expectation and aim for the best they can be. If in the joyful event you do throw aside that awful brown slip only to find gleaming grades staring back at you, there are certain steps you must take in order to adjust your University choice. You will find the option on UCAS, as a button stating “Register for Adjustment” on your UCAS Track account. You will need to make your decision fast, as you have only 2 weeks, from the day of your results till the end of August, before it becomes too late to change.

Once you have registered, universities that you wish to contact to consider taking you will now be able to view your UCAS form even if you had not previously sent it to them in the choosing process. However, not all Uni’s in the country accommodate the adjustment system, so you will need to go directly to their website or contact them in order to find out whether or not they do. So contact your new choice of Uni, and discuss with them your adjustment to their course, to find out if they will accept you. If yes, this will appear on your UCAS Track, and your previous choice of University will be notified. However, they will still accept you should you decide not to take the place at your new choice.

The best thing to do, should you find yourself considering the adjustment process, is to sit down and just really have a think about all your options. Make sure that you know what you want, from your course and your Uni, and think about why one Uni might be better than another for you.  Consider more than just the course or the esteem of the University; you will also be changing location, perhaps from a town to a city, and possibly leaving behind friends with whom you had intended to stay with through further education. The change is sudden and stressful, but it could well be a great opportunity if you choose it.

By Anna Williams