What Not To Bring To Uni

What Not To Bring To Uni

Posted in Student Life on Sep 18, 2019 by

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When packing for university it’s tempting to cram all of your worldly possessions into your parent’s car. Here’s 8 things not to bring with you to uni as you won’t need them.

University Textbooks

Don’t buy your textbooks until after you arrive at uni. Not only will this save precious space in your car but it will save you money! Brand new textbooks are notoriously expensive, with some courses’ reading lists adding up to over £300! When you arrive at university there will be numerous second-hand book sales, and lots of books are available for FREE at the library for both physical and digital copies. Older students can also let you know where they got cheap textbooks.

A Car

While you might use a car a lot at home you probably won’t use it at university. If you’re moving to a city like London you definitely won’t, public transport is the way to go! The majority of student halls don't allow students to park their cars in the carpark and parking on campus is restricted/prohibited/extremely expensive.

A Printer

You might think that you need a printer to survive at uni but you really don’t. University libraries and buildings on campus all have printers on campus which are far more reliable than a cheap printer you bought in the sales. If you have a printer in your room you’ll constantly be asked by people to print off their essays which can get annoying as ink is expensive. Instead of cramming a printer into your packed car on the way to uni, wait until a few weeks into term to decide if you really need one – if so you can just buy one there!

Your A-Level Textbooks

Bringing A-Level textbooks and work to uni is like bringing year 7 science homework to your year 11 class. You won’t re-read your textbooks or your work as you’ll be learning completely new topics, your work might have given you some foundations, but you won’t have to brush up on it. Textbooks and work will just take up space in halls.

A Hoover

99% of halls come with a hoover included, this also goes for private halls and shared housing. When living in a shared house it’s likely your standards for cleanliness will drop anyway.

Expensive/Complicated Kitchen Equipment

Just because you had a pestle & mortar at home doesn’t mean you’ll use it at university! Avoid packing expensive and complicated kitchen equipment. A) You won’t use it (especially if you’re living in catered halls), B) Living with a group of people (especially students) increases the likelihood of it getting broken. Stick to cheaper basic equipment and utensils – Wilkinson’s and IKEA have great students sets – make sure to check out our Student Discounts page!

Your Entire Wardrobe

You don’t need your year 11 prom dress or that Hawaiian shirt you wore to a party once. There's limited space in halls so you have to be practical. If you haven't worn the clothes in a year - don't bring them! Remember that although it's September now it's going to be Winter soon so don't bother bringing all of your summer clothes as you'll have no use for them. Make sure to dress for where you're going, for example Scotland is a lot colder than London so make sure your clothes are up to scratch.

A Microsoft Office Subscription

Lots of students buy laptops before uni and have to download Microsoft Office for their work. The majority of universities can provide students with a FREE Microsoft Office download - saving over £50 a year!

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