What career will an Art and Design degree offer me?

What career will an Art and Design degree offer me?

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By Rylie Trott

 - Many people underestimate the opportunities open to those studying arts-based subjects, thinking a degree in Art and Design will only get you a job as a painter or illustrator. In fact, there are hundreds of possible career paths down which an Art and Design degree could take you. The art industry is one that covers many bases meaning a lot of jobs have similar requirements. When taking an interest in studying Art and Design, many of the following prospects may not have crossed your mind.

Graphic Designer
The role of a graphic designer is to compile images, typography and motion graphics to create publications such as posters and magazines. A job in graphic design can be very beneficial as many new roles in the field have developed out of the recent dependence on technology, websites and phone and tablet applications in particular. Although these are all created by web and game developers, it is the job of a graphic designer to create the user interface.

The world of graphic design can lead you to specialise in may varied things such as:
- Web design
- Product design
- Advertising
- Magazine layout
- Book design
- Logos and branding

Video Game Developer and Designer
Similarly to a graphic designer, it is the job of the video game developer and designer to create the characters and worlds seen and used in games. Although this is not studied within an Art and Design degree, the qualification provides a student with the basic knowledge of composing images which can be transferable skills in terms of learning how to animate and design 3D digital objects. In the same way, the skills and creativity required to complete an Art and Design degree may also be transferable in the special effects and animation sectors of film and television.

Set Designer
Not all alternative options for graduates with a degree in Art and Design revolve around careers that are heavily dependent on the use of technology, however – having an eye for aesthetics and knowing how to use is in a creative manner are attributes that are imperative for a set designer. A set designer may work on a television set, film set or even in the theatre. The role of a set designer is to create the scene to meet specific needs such as targeting a specific audience or even positioning items and people in such a way that makes them look good on camera.

Textile Designer
A textile designer creates two dimensional designs that can be used in the production of knit, weave and printed textile products. This job title is very interesting as it offers the choice to specialise in either interiors such as upholstery, soft furnishings and carpets or fabrics for clothing working in fashion, creating specific patterns at the request of a costume designer, perhaps, or creating specialist fabrics such as fire-proof clothing. Textile designing does not just cover materials that one might wear or decorate the house with, but it also ventures into other industry functions such as designing wrapping paper, packaging or greetings cards, which is similar to jobs covered by a graphics designer.

Interior Designer
The role of an interior designer is to create beautiful indoor spaces or one which fit requirements. This is not limited simply to designing nice living spaces in more affluent peoples houses. Interior designers produce designers, for bars, shops, galleries and other venues.