Useful Revision Resources

Useful Revision Resources

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In the depths of revision hell? Leon Hady, 35 (a former head teacher) has launched an online educational tool, TuitionKit. The latest innovation on the site is its Hip-Hop poetry, designed to help students to learn the poetry needed to study for their exams, through a medium (rap) that they can identify with.
Some of his top hits include the My Last Duchess and Ozymandias musical revision aids.

To truly get you underway with you revision, here are even more resources to ensure you'll be on for exam success offers a free, colour coded timetabling tool designed to work around your daily life, and even helps to prioritise subjects you find difficult.

Offering video-based tuition to help revise for the core school subjects, you can browse TuitionKit’s videos by topic, exam board and model answers.
The latest addition to the site is a series of Hip-Hop poetry videos, translating tough-to-remember exam poetry into the medium of rap, set to memorable pieces of music. The visual guides even colour code passages to help you identify and remember themes, structure and language to refer to in your exams.
We love the badges that you earn as you progress through each topic. Not only do they spur you on through your revision, but they also keep a handy record of how far through each subject you are.

Pearson Revision Cards
Put that highlighter down - a recent study found that simply picking out facts and figures from your notes was a very ineffective way of retaining information.
Much better is the use of flash cards to focus on key information then test your knowledge regularly – spreading this out over longer time periods is best, if possible.
Pearson’s revision cards are available in all core subjects and cover each exam board. They include multiple choice questions and answers as well as worked examples, topic summaries and key facts.

Social learning platform GoConqr provides some helpful tools to assist you in creating your own revision resources. More of a visual person? Why not use the mindmap tool to create a pictorial representation of your subject. Like to make learning fun? Use your notes to generate a personalised quiz, and you can even challenge your friends to join in.
If you’ve hit that revision wall, you can browse through mind maps, flash cards, quizzes and notes that have been created by other students for inspiration.