Top Five Things to do in Your Freshers Week

Top Five Things to do in Your Freshers Week

Posted in Student Life on Aug 31, 2018 by

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Freshers week may be a daunting time, having been dropped off in a city you don’t know with a lot of unfamiliar faces but it’s also an amazing opportunity to experience so many new things. You’ll make new friends, get to know your new home and prepare yourself for the upcoming year. 

1. Go out! Get involved in all the social events you can. You’ll get to experience the night life of your new city and meet so many people whilst you’re out. Your university will make sure these are as fun as possible, choosing the most popular spots and best places to go. Themed nights are a definite and you’ll probably end up on a bucking bronco or soaked wet after a foam party.

2. Talk to everyone you can. You’ll meet so many people in your first week that you’ll probably never see half of them again, but you’ll also have the chance to make some great friends. Make sure you talk to as many people who live in your block as you can, especially your flatmates as you’ll be living with them for the next year.

3. Go to your freshers fair. Not only is it the chance to get loads of free stuff but it will give you the opportunity to see what’s available for you at your university. From sports teams, to film societies, to the My Little Pony society, there will definitely be something that you’re interested in. Sign up for the trials and go along. Don’t pay for a society you’re unsure about, try it out first, remember your loan has to last all term!

4. Go and explore your new city during the day. You’ll be living here for the next three years so go have a wander around. You’ll be there almost every night, but whether you’ll remember much of it is debatable.

5. Now for the boring stuff. Freshers week is a lot of fun, but you’ll also have to prepare for when term starts properly. This means sorting out your room and food shopping, but more importantly it means making sure you register and that your student finance has been sorted. You don’t want to have to be sorting this out for weeks on end when you’re supposed to be studying! Visit your trial lectures as well, it’ll let you know what to expect from your course and is a good chance to meet the people you’ll be in lectures and seminars with for the next one to three years.