Top Art Schools in the UK

Top Art Schools in the UK

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A selection of some of the best places in the UK to take a degree in Art.

1.Camberwell College of Art, London - Camberwell is a highly regarded art and design institution, and offers undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses and short level courses.

2.Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London - Central Saint Martins consists of four schools: the School of Art, the School of Fashion & Textiles, the School of Communication, Product and Spatial Design, and the Drama Centre London. It is considered to be one of the world’s leading centres for art and design education.

3.Chelsea College, London - The exchange of ideas between staff and students at Chelsea College is highly recognised, and the college has established itself as one the most prestigious art and design colleges in the UK.

4.The Glasgow School of Art - The Glasgow School of Art is internationally recognised and offers a variety of opportunities including fine art, design and architecture.

5.University of London, Goldsmith College - Goldsmith’s fine art and textile are world renowned, although the university is not primarily an art college. The programme includes fine art, textiles and curating.

6.Royal College of Art - The RCA is the world’s only solely postgraduate university institution of art and design, offering MA, MPhil and PhD. It is located in London.

7.UCL, Slade School of Fine Art - The Slade School of Fine Art is mainly concerned with contemporary art and also approaches the study and practice of art in an experimental way.

8.Wimbledon College - Wimbledon College is famous for its Centre for Drawing, and the centre is known for running events and exhibitions. The college is located in London.

9.University of Oxford, Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art - The Ruskin is the small art department of Oxford University, only admitting twenty students each year.

10.Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh - Edinburgh College of Art has an international reputation as one of the most successful independent art colleges in London.

11.Kingston University, London - Kingston offers courses which enable you to combine the complementary subjects of fine art and art history. Although it is not solely dedicated to art, it is still highly recognised.

12.Brunel University, London - Brunel University, located in London, is known for its students to have the best career prospects in art and design when finishing university. 

13.Leeds College of Art - Leeds College of Art is one of the few independent art schools in the UK, and offers a variety of courses.

14.Lancaster University - Lancaster offers several courses which include Fine Art, and all the courses are taught by academic staff who themselves are practising artists, historians and theorists.

15.School of Arts and Culture, Newcastle University - The Fine Art course at Newcastle University is for four years and focuses on creative visual arts. The School of Arts and Culture offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

16.University of Reading - The university is known for its diverse and intellectually rich art community and provides a comprehensive and unique learning experience.

17.University of Cambridge - The courses offered at Cambridge allows you to study a fine collection of fine art, from the medieval to modern times.

18.University of Brighton - At Brighton University you are offered a studio-based education and you are able to gain an in-depth education of the creative course.

19.Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University - The second oldest design school in Britain, Manchester School of Art offers undergraduate and postgraduate art courses.

20.University of Westminster - The university offers professional and short courses, and provides a number of visits to exclusive exhibitions, projects and events.