Tips to Choose the Right Career After Study

Tips to Choose the Right Career After Study

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Going to university from 6th form or college is one of the most exhilarating transition periods in a student’s life. Choosing the right career path at this juncture is the most important decision of his life. 

Entering university signifies new beginnings, turmoil of emotions, surging hormones and baggage of memories that refuse to go away. This phase of life demands meticulous planning, and an attitude to accept change and ability to take complicated decisions. Though most teenagers will not admit that they are confused and will instead sound convinced of what they want to pursue. Most surveys have indicated that a teenager changes his preference at least three times before finally making up his mind. The important thing to remember is that the ideal career is not the same for two people. Read on to make the decision making process easy to tackle. 

1. Do An Honest Introspection Of Your Self

Before going down the road of innumerable choices and career options, do a detailed inspection of the child’s interests, strengths, values, attitude and his unique personality traits. Now a comparison needs to be done to determine how these fit with the various career choices he or she is interested in. Identify strong likes and dislikes and work on the goals according to them. Have a clear picture about the working environment, the salaries and perks. Also have a clear picture of how your lifestyle will be projected on selecting a particular option. Parents should be deeply involved in these discussions and research. 

2. Call in The Experts

Times have changed drastically and parents are not equipped enough with information regarding the options available for children today. The procedures, eligibility criterion and loads of other information can be availed by hiring a professional career counselor. Most schools and colleges today have an on board professional who is qualified to provide this information to parents and children. The counselors come equipped with special questionnaires that help them to identify the interests of the child, his weaknesses, strengths and general aptitude. These trained professionals also guide parents and children about the procedure for job hunting’s and how to prepare for an interview. Children are also advised to try their hand at internships on the campus to judge for themselves their interest level for a career. It is highly advised to start early so that there is enough time in hand to explore options in detail.

3. Information about The Job Market

High quality job opportunities are the most important criterion that influences the career decision of a student and his parents. However, the global economies in the present times are difficult to anticipate and long term predictions generally are not accurate. But aid and support can be sought by studying employment trends for making an assessment about the future demands related to a specific field. People working in a particular field are the most indispensable source of data, regarding its innermost details. Students should try to meet such people and clarify their doubts with them. Details of working environment, training specifications and the outlook of the market can be compared with their own answers. 

4. Final Decision Rests with The Student

Parents should not try to choose a career for their child, especially without any regard for their skills and interests. A bad decision can damage family relationships for life and cause immense frustration to the child. Always select a career that allows the child to use his skills and strengths to the maximum. 

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