The Advantages of a Coastal Uni

The Advantages of a Coastal Uni

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By Amba Centala

1. The beach 

Although Portsmouth contains a pebble beach in Southsea and not a sandy white beach which we all imagine in our dreams, it still has massive appeal for students. Packed in the summer time, Southsea beach is usually home to friendly dog walkers and many young people who like to spend their evenings taking a dip in the water - some more willing to go for a swim in the freezing cold than others. 

2. The piers

Brighton pier is one of the biggest and brightest piers in the UK. It has various retail shops and restaurants alongside a radio station making it an ultimate day out destination or an after lecture stress relief. 

3. Adventure parks 

Bournemouth is home to Boscombe Beach Costal Activity Park containing sports courts, water sports and various relaxation and spa treatments. The park contains the perfect mix of both exercise and lazy moments allowing you to suit your mood accordingly. 

4. Green areas

Apart from the beautiful beach front, there are a lot of garden areas in both Bournemouth and Portsmouth. Bournemouth Gardens contains a variety of greenery with many  types of plants creating a perfect picnic setting or study setting depending on the time of year. Portsmouth common is home to the majority of students during the summer time where BBQs, music sessions and also sports games take place bringing all students together to enjoy the summer.

5. Mini Golf

What young person does not enjoy a session of mini golf? Cheaper than regular golf and full of crazy obstacles, it is a perfect opportunity to blow off some steam. Both Portsmouth and Brighton are home to well known mini golf ranges with added extra ‘crazy’ for a bit more fun.

6. Arcades

Portsmouth’s Clarance Pier contains an ideal set of arcades from typical gun violence games where you are being attacked by zombies to the ever addictive 2p slot machines. Whether you have cash to spend or some spare change, it is a pretty inexpensive way to spend your evening.

7. Seagulls

 Being woken up at 5am isn’t ideal but the Great British Seagull is definitely something of which we can be proud. The only bird that is small yet intimidating! 

8. The food 

This aspect of the coast is probably my favourite. Varying from ice creams and sugar doughnuts to the good old fashioned open chips in newspaper, the seaside has it all. 

9. The port/travel

Portsmouth is obviously a port meaning there is a constant stream of travel to and from the beach. This includes both the hovercraft AND SOMETHING trip to the Isle of Wight, for a day trip - this is a great cheap option for students if they want a change of scenery. 

10. The peace

This seems like an invalid reason because not everyone feels peaceful by just being in a certain place, but how much more relaxed are you with a cool beverage on a lounger on a beach? Despite the fact that you might not have a lounger and will just be sitting on concrete or sand or possibly stones, the coast will always bring a wave of happiness and peace, relieving all the stress from University life for a moment or two.