Teachers To Decide A-Level & GCSE Grades

Teachers To Decide A-Level & GCSE Grades

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Exams watchdog Ofqual has confirmed that GCSE and A-Level grades will be decided by teachers using a variety of different methods to assess students.

Teachers To Decide Grades

Following the cancellation of exams due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ofqual has now revealed that teachers will be setting students’ grades. Eager to avoid a repeat of last year’s algorithm failure, teachers’ judgement will be trusted. Education Secretary Gavin Williamson believes this is the “fairest possible system” for students by “asking those who know them best - their teachers - to determine their grades, with our sole aim to make sure all young people can progress to the next stage of their education or career”.

Teachers will be able to draw on a wide range of evidence, and can use mock exams, coursework, essays, or in-class tests to decide grades. Teachers will also have the option for their students to sit optional assessments set by exam boards for all subjects, these assessments are not to be taken in exam conditions and teachers can choose how long students have to complete the tasks.

Whilst A-Level and GCSE exams have been cancelled, some practical skills tested exams will be held in a covid safe manner if they cannot be assessed otherwise.

Schools and colleges will have until June 18th to submit grades to exam boards.

Students Can Appeal For Free

If students are unhappy with their grades they can appeal with no financial charge expected. An independent body will act as the adjudicator between students and teachers to determine the correct grade.

A full set of A-Level and GCSE exams are set to be held in the Autumn term to give students who would like to sit exams the option to get their grades from exams.

Early Results Day

In order to give students enough time to appeal their grades, results day has moved forward two weeks, A-Level results day will now be 10th August and GCSE results will be given out on 12th August. The results of some vocational exams such as BTECS will be released the week of August 9th.