Studying Alone in a New City: How to Make Friends

Studying Alone in a New City: How to Make Friends

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Going to university can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are upping sticks and moving to a new city.

But being part of a big student community gives you the perfect opportunity to create friendships that, in many cases, will go on to last for many years to come.

The team here at Florida State University (FSU) has put together five top tips to help you settle into a new city…

Consider looking for a roommate
Accommodation will be a crucial part of your study, so why not think about sharing a place with someone?

You’ll make an instant friend, or perhaps even a friend for life, so it is something to seriously consider. Your rent will also be much cheaper!

Check university message boards to find dig shares on campus or browse the local newspaper to find other options around Florida.

Already have your own place sorted? Then create an ad for a roommate and lay down your own rules!

Head online
The rise of technology and social media has made it easier than ever before to meet and connect with new people.

Before heading to Florida, why not check out Facebook and LinkedIn groups to find other people like you? You could even organise a meet-up for your first week in the city!

You could also explore the local area via the internet, getting to know where things are and what there is to do, meaning you won’t be a total stranger when you arrive. 

Attend events for freshers
There is often a lot going on at the start of an academic year, with numerous events organised to help people settle into their new surroundings.

It’s not always pub crawls either, so get out there and see what’s on offer! Be certain to make the most of these events and sign up to a number of activities as they’ll probably finish after a week or so.

There is guaranteed to be lots of students from your course to meet at these events, as well as others, so go to as many as physically possible. Over the week you’ll also start to see the same people at different activities, giving you more of a chance to know them properly, so strike up a conversation.

Join a club
The choice of clubs and societies at university is endless, so make sure you get involved in at least a few of them.

This is a great way to meet new people and develop a common interest, so don’t be afraid to try something different.

FSU has over 400 student clubs and societies on offer in Tallahassee, including Acabelles, an all-female singing group, Action for Haiti, a society assisting relief efforts overseas, as well as a radio station and all the usual sports.

Connect with FSU
Remember that you’re not alone. Florida State is always on hand to help you settle in, whatever issue you may have.

The Center for Global Engagement, located on campus, provides innovative support services including peer mentors and an International Friends support group.

A fully accredited Primary Care facility and a Counseling Center add to the vast array of support on offer.

There is also a secure, multi-departmental, online submission and tracking system should you wish to raise a matter without speaking face-to-face.