Studying Abroad - A Personal Story

Studying Abroad - A Personal Story

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Iwona Lach tells us why choosing to work or study abroad was the right choice for her.

Tells us a bit about yourself. What are you studying? And what are your career goals?
I’m almost 22 and I am studying the Sociology of Advertising and Social Communication at the University of Silesia. My interests are cooking, home deco, photography, creative advertising and social campaigns. My biggest dream is to open my own restaurant – a place which would be friendly for both people and the planet. I want to promote healthy eating.Studying the Sociology of Advertising has shaped my view of society and the way that it works. To know and to understand people’s needs is the key to communicating with them. That’s why I’m happy with the path I have chosen. In the future I plan to take a BA in Art Management, because I don’t like to be limited with one path of development.

Why do you think it’s important to have experience studying or working abroad?
Going abroad is a great opportunity to measure your own life. Knowing about other cultures, customs, people, food and ways of living is a great chance to discover what you like, what you want to involve in your life, and what you don’t. Being far away from home forces us to be independent. Going through tough situations strengthens our character. And
those good moments create memories that no one can take away.

What has been your most unusual experience in another country? And where have you enjoyed living the most?
Last year, while working in the UK, I visited Bishopstone – a small town near to Brighton. Standing on the edge of a cliff, was like standing on the edge of the world. That was an amazing feeling. Despite that I didn’t live there, this place was definitely my favourite in England. It’s beautiful and the people were so lovely.

Where would you eventually like to live?
It’s a difficult question. There are so many places, that I haven’t visited yet! For the moment I would like to stay in Poland. I love Poland. There are a lot of things that have
to be done and I want to be a part of that.

What advice do you have for students thinking about studying orworking abroad?
St. Augustin said once: “The World is a book, and those who do not travel, read only one page”. For me, that’s the best conclusion.