Study Apps

Study Apps

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Addicted to your phone? Here are some hidden gems for your mobile that will make you love it even more, with tools and apps that can help make your student life easier!

Snap Happy
Use the camera on your mobile phone to snap a photo of anything important in class. This is great for capturing different stages of science experiments, recipes for home economics, or instructions for woodwork and metalwork. Better still, take a quick video so nothing is missed! The teacher may also ask you to draw a diagram or sketch, but a photograph in addition will make sure you capture all the details, so you don’t have to worry about a bad memory (or bad drawing skills).

Make Notes
You may not always have a notepad at the ready to capture your latest brainwave, but many phones have a built-in notes or reminder function. Jot down inspiration for how to tackle your next art assignment, add questions you need to ask your teacher next lesson, or start drafting parts of your upcoming essay. Don’t want to fiddle with the mobile keypad for a long session of note Top 5 College Tools taking? Check if your phone has a built-in audio recorder, and use it to leave yourself a voice note instead.

Surf Better
Everyone uses their phones to get online, but get ahead with a web browser that helps you surf the web faster and gives a cheaper phone bill at the end of the month (read: no angry parents). Opera Mini shrinks down the webpages you visit, to as little as 10% of their original size, meaning fewer megabytes to load for a faster and cheaper life online, and an edge on crowded wifi networks. In Opera Mini’s shortcuts start page, you can also add quick links to your grade’s timetable, as well as useful news and research sites.

Get ‘Appy
Speaking of apps, there are loads out there to make your school daze just that little bit easier. Stay efficient with Evernote to organise all your notes from classes, Dropbox to keep all your important files and presentations at your fingertips, and Any.Do to keep track of all your to-do lists. Already feeling organised? Try Viber for free calling and SMSing to your other Viber-using friends, get curious on HowStuffWorks, and install a language app to practise before your next French exam!

Dear Diary
Always losing track of when you have a school event or an assignment due (or that great party coming up)? All mobile phones have a built-in calendar where you can add those hard to-remember appointments and deadlines. Add an alarm so you don’t forget, and program a reminder in advance so you have plenty of time to prepare. Scribbles in your notepad and random post-its can be easy to overlook or lose, and keeping all your dates in your phone means you will always have your schedule with you (so you can tell your friend straight away if you’re free to meet up that afternoon).