Optimising the Last Weeks of Summer

Optimising the Last Weeks of Summer

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School summer holidays are long, but with universities not starting until mid/ late September, or in some cases, even early October, your final ‘school summer holiday’ can actually seem to drag a little. Of course, there are loads of preparations to be made for your move to university. But that’s unlikely to completely fill your days for the next few weeks. So, to avoid any pre- university boredom, here’s a quick list of things to keep you entertained in case you need a little inspiration. 

Catch up on sleep.
I’m willing to bet you haven’t had much sleep over the past few months. With a combination of information-cramming the night before exams and waking up at the crack of dawn to go and sit them, your bed has taken a backseat. It’s likely that you’ve also been busy celebrating your achievements, and perhaps is only now that things are beginning to wind down. I’m not sure many students would need encouragement to reacquaint themselves with their beds, but I’ll say it anyway: get some sleep! It always seems like summer will never come, but now it’s here enjoy your lie-ins again. 

Find a new hobby.
With all your free time, why not learn something new? Whether it’s a sport, musical instrument, or maybe even a language, get stuck into a new hobby while you’ve got nothing else to worry about. Not only will you gain a new skill (always useful) but depending on what you choose you may end up meeting new people with your interests, which is a great bonus. For inspiration, have a look on Discover a Hobby, where there are hundreds of activities to choose from. 

Get a summer job.
If you’re a little strapped for cash and want something to fill the days, getting a summer job ticks all the boxes. Lots of customer based industries suffer significantly when the schools go back. If you’ve ever had a job before, now might be a good time to get back in touch and see if they have a few shifts going before you pack up. But even if you haven’t, there will be lots of places looking fo casual workers. Have a look on StudentJob to see what positions are available in your area. Chances are there’s something you’ll enjoy, and while you’re earning you can get some valuable work experience too. It really is a win-win. 

Redecorate your room.
Throughout the year, particularly during exam season, it’s easy to neglect the state of your bedroom and you suddenly find yourself surrounded by towers of folders, a carpet of note sheets and discarded clothes draped over furniture. Once you’ve had a little tidy why not redecorate? Your parents may have some rules about what your bedroom looks like - so maybe refrain from letting your inner artist run completely wild - but there’s no harm in making small changes. Perhaps you’ve had the same tatty posters on the walls for years; have a root around the house for anything new you could put up. If your parents are more lenient, paint your walls a different colour for a fresh start. 

Meet up with friends.
With many of you heading off, soon to be strewn across the country, make the most of the time you have left with your school friends. Of course, if you are separated, you can easily keep contact through calling, messaging and social media, however nothing beats actually hanging out with your friends. If you are moving away, you’ll have to try a lot harder to maintain friendships, so make things easier for yourself, by being up to date with all your mates before they all leave. With the summer weather kindly clinging on, it’s easy to meet up without spending heaps of money.  

Whatever you decide to get up to with your last few weeks of summer, just remember to relax! You deserve a break after the hard work of the school year, so keep busy to avoid boredom and reduce anxiety, but above all, take it easy. For more ideas on staying entertained this summer without breaking the bank, check out this list from College Fashion.

- By Rebecca Gibson