Manchester, Edinburgh and London Rank as Top UK Cities to be a Student

Manchester, Edinburgh and London Rank as Top UK Cities to be a Student

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Studying at university offers a chance for students to not only further their education and kick start their career, but for many, it’s the first step to adulthood and independence. With so many options to choose from - it can be a daunting prospect to find the perfect fit.

AppJobs has ranked the world’s top cities on a variety of key factors to create the ultimate index for students who are still deciding on which city to study in.

The results show that the UK is one of the top locations to study higher education, with three of its cities featuring in the top 30 cities to be a university student, including Manchester, Edinburgh and London.

Manchester is an especially brilliant destination to be a student, ranking as the 7th best city in the world to attend university. With the city full of over 85,000 students, and known for having great nightlife and rich industrial heritage, it comes as no surprise that this northern city ranks in the world’s top 10 spots to study. With students notoriously known for having little money and leading budget lifestyles, Manchester is the perfect destination to ease any financial worries as it offers the fourth cheapest monthly rent and the fifth highest number of part-time jobs. With plenty of opportunities to make some extra cash whilst studying, combined with the low cost of living, this city is the ideal location for prospecting students.

The next best city to study in the UK is further north in Scotland’s capital Edinburgh. This historic city has plenty of different things to offer to students studying across all courses, from History students interested in learning in an environment full of heritage, to creative students that want to get onto the Festival Fringe. The city even attracts students simply based on their passion for the Harry Potter books, as J.K Rowling took inspiration from the gothic city to lay the scene of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Edinburgh holds the 7th cheapest monthly rent and the 9th highest number of part-time vacancies in the world. Could this city get any more appealing?

Last but not least is London, which holds one of the largest concentrations of universities and higher education institutions in the world, with a whopping 400,000 student population. In fact, London has the third highest number of universities in the world, attracting thousands of students from across the globe each year. Huge benefits for students attending a university in the capital is that they will never be short of entertainment, with the city holding the second highest number of concerts and shows in the globe, with New York coming in first. But it’s important to note that living in London comes at a price, with the monthly rent and cost of a pint being some of the most expensive. Fortunately, the city also holds the second highest number of part-time jobs, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities for students to fund the London lifestyle.

Are you heading off to university this year? Take a look at this interactive graphic by AppJobs revealing the best city to be a student in, and filter by the factors most important to you so you can find the perfect place to study.