Making the Most of Year 12 Summer

Making the Most of Year 12 Summer

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The summer between year 12 and year 13 is the time to relax with friends and recharge before your term starts again. It’s also the perfect time to get a head start on university and job applications by doing some of the following activities.

1: Get a Summer job

Summer jobs are a great way to meet new people, develop teamwork, leadership, and communication skills, and to save up money. The work experience gained will help enhance your CV for job and university applications.

2: Work Experience

Gaining work experience in a field you’re interested in will help you get a head start over other applicants. For some careers and university courses it’s essential, e.g. for medicine you must have medicine related work experience. Go Think Big and the Student Ladder have hundreds of work experience placements and days for students to get involved in. Alternatively, you could email companies you’re interested in and see if they offer any work experience placements.

3: Travel

If you’re lucky enough to be able to travel during the summer holidays you’ll get the chance to meet people from different backgrounds, experience new cultures, and have amazing experiences. While you’re abroad try to visit museums or exhibitions related to the degree you’d like to do (if you’re applying to university), as it can provide material for your personal statement.

4: Volunteer

Why not help a cause you’re passionate about? From volunteering at a festival with Oxfam, to working in your local charity shop, there are thousands of volunteering options for young people. You get to make a difference in someone’s life and take on a challenge. Volunteering also gives you a chance to develop skills, gain knowledge, and meet new people.

5. NCS

The National Citizen Service is a program for teenagers aged 15-17. Over 500,000 people have taken part since it began. The program consists of a residential adventure holiday, classes to develop life & work skills, and working in a team to develop a community project on an issue of your choosing. The program costs £50 with financial help being available for people from disadvantaged backgrounds through charities. This looks great on university & job applications!

6: Attend University Open Days

Some universities hold open days throughout the summer. Visiting a university is a great way to figure out if that university if for you, allowing you to get a taste of university life. You can meet with lecturers, sit in on taster classes, visit student accommodation, and find out more about that university. Look at our open day calendar to find them.

7: University Taster Courses

Lots of universities such as UCL, the University of Birmingham, and Southampton, put on free taster courses for high achieving students/students from lower income backgrounds. Participants learn more about their chosen subject, develop skills, and get tips for university applications.

By Clarissa Ducie