Making Money Online - Is it Really Possible?

Making Money Online - Is it Really Possible?

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For many people living the dream involves earning a fortune without leaving the comfort of your front room. Do you know the old showbiz expression about not getting out of bed for less than a whopping sum? Well online working could potentially do that, as you can lie under your duvet making money with your keyboard or touchscreen. You can work anywhere in the world and what’s more you can have a coffee break whenever you want!  

Realistically though, what you’re aiming to do is raise a reasonable amount. But is it possible to do this online…? There are certainly a raft of opportunities, however finding some that’ll bump up your bank balance is a trickier prospect.

Thankfully we’ve compiled a handy guide for you to work out whether a virtual workspace is the best option.


When you spend so much of your time typing essays, why not transfer those skills to an actual job…? 

Should you be creatively minded, or have the skills to put across information clearly and succinctly, then writing online is well worth considering. Ebooks are constantly in demand, with armies of readers wanting volumes on every subject to download to their e-readers. Maybe you’ve got a story to tell and fancy giving Dan Brown a run for his money. Or you might be extremely knowledgeable on a particular subject… let’s face it, that’s kind of a given for a student. (If you struggle in that department then it’s definitely something to think about post-graduation!)

One of the great things about publishing online is that you don’t require a publisher. Having representation in that area is welcome as you get access to editors and gain invaluable industry contacts, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll attract the big fish. It can be better to self-publish and draw attention to yourself that way. Even a steady stream of sales is enough for most cash-strapped scribes. You do have to apply yourself but the possible rewards are enormous. 

If you fancy a less demanding path then blogging is a concise method of reaching an online audience and attracting business. Have you got a unique angle on life, or on a topic people are interested in? A post of a few hundred words can be all it takes to get the world’s attention, or at least a small section of it. And if people want to read it, advertisers will want to be seen on it and offer you links to their site through your blog. 

Office work

Hard-pressed office staff have nowhere to hide thanks to modern technology, and you may know people who take their work home with them this way every night. With remote work now a viable option for those less inclined to write a novel or articulate their feelings in several paragraphs, standard tasks are available for hard-working earners. All you need is familiarity with a program like Microsoft Office.

Data entry is a good place to start. If your fingers move like lightning and you can meet targets, then employers are looking for you. Specialisations in subjects such as social media, web design and research skills (again, a no brainer if you’re studying part or full time) broaden the spectrum of what you can apply for as a freelancer. Dedicated sites like Upwork offer a multitude of positions for talented types.

Sell your way to success

A popular choice for making money from your home base is online selling. This is something that suits both the de-clutterer and the expert flogger. Chances are you have an item of designer clothing or tech that you could do without and you can get some good returns on these desirable items. 

Or you might have a mountain of DVDs and Blu-Rays you’ll never watch again (Disney discs can be especially sought after). Sites like eBay and musicMagpie are well-established online platforms for you to set out your virtual stall. The latter is known for having free postage on its items, so you can dispatch goods to a buyer without worrying about the Post Office.