How will Applying for Uni 2022 be Affected by Covid

How will Applying for Uni 2022 be Affected by Covid

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For students who will be getting their UCAS application forms together at the start of next term, many of you will still have quite a few questions and anxieties because of the pandemic. In this article we aim to answer some of the common concerns students have told us about.

On thing we’ve learnt over the last 18 months is that nothing is certain, but assuming that life is going to be gradually returning to normality universities and colleges should once again be fully opening their doors.

I still haven’t done work experience so how can write about this on my statement?

You may get the opportunity to do some work experience now before handing in your form. Many schools and colleges however, will still have difficulties organising this. If you are able to contact any local companies and ask it is possible that they will be able to offer you something.

You can write about the skills you have acquired and how these apply to you chosen course. You can also add into your application the amount you have read around the topic to show how passionate you are. We’d also strongly recommend taking part in online training courses and virtual events. University admissions staff do understand that work experience will be a lot more difficult and will take this in account. If you can show things you have done using your own initiative this will definitely help your application stand out.

You can view our online Webinars calendar and get involved with some of the useful resources universities are offering.

Its difficult to decide on which unis I would like as I can’t visit them

Universities will, fingers crossed, be starting to put on physical open days which you can visit. However, as this is still only gradually happening you can take part in the many virtual open days unis and colleges are putting on.

Please see our Open Days Calendarto find out about which virtual and physical events will be happening soon.

What’s happening about examinations next academic year?

A-level and GCSE exams are currently being scheduled to take place as normal. However, the government has pledged to take into account the disruption caused by the pandemic. A statement on the government's website reads as follows:

“Plans for summer 2022 GCSE, AS and A level exams are expected to be confirmed early in the coming autumn term. Ofqual is also considering how best to grade qualifications in 2022 to be as fair as possible to that cohort, as well as to past and future students, and will announce a decision in autumn.”

Your teachers and careers advisors will keep you posted on any changes.

When is the deadline for handing in your UCAS form in 2022?

The deadline for most applications is Wednesday 26th January, with the exception of applications for Oxford, Cambridge and most courses in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine/science with need to be in by the15th of October 2021. For a full list of application dates see the UCAS website.