Saving Money on Tech and with Apps

Saving Money on Tech and with Apps

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You probably know all about how tech and apps can help with your coursework and social life. But are you also aware of how they can take the heat off your personal finances and day to day spending?  Money-saving deals on things like laptops and apps which monitor your funds are vital things for students to know about in an increasingly tight financial marketplace. Have a look at our guide which shows you how to save and with who…


Currys/PC World deal:
Your first destination for great deals on technology has to be Currys/PC World. They have stores in many locations and are currently in the middle of an epic clearout. For example, save just over £100 on an ASUS Transformer Mini T1-2 10” 2 in 1. Check out the full range here.

Like them or hate them, Microsoft still dominate the tech market, and their software is used across the planet. If you can’t beat ‘em why not join ‘em by taking advantage of their student deals? An Office365 Suite giving you everything you need for organising your documents on 2 devices for £59.99 isn’t a bad deal. Read more here.

Another well-known name associated with student work is Adobe. From Acrobat to Photoshop, they provide you with tools that are perfect for your important presentations. A package worth £49.94 a month becomes considerably less eye-watering via a student discount at £16.24. Read on to find out more details.


As you’d expect, there’s an app for every occasion when it comes to your general finances. We’ve divided the best into 3 easy categories: Finance, Shopping and Lifestyle. 


A free app for iPhone and Android. Chip links to your bank account and keeps a beady eye on your finances. From this it calculates a realistic amount you can save per week and then automatically stores those funds for you. It’s also noteworthy for giving you interest on the savings you do rack up. Read more about Chip here.

ATM Locator:
This free app for Android will help many a student. When you’re buzzing round town and don’t know where the cash machines are, look no further than ATM Locator. Not only does it point you in the direction of the nearest ATM, it also lets you know if you’ll be charged for the privilege - always an easy trap to fall into if you need money fast. Read about ATM Locator here

Meter Readings:
This bill-related app only costs 99p and is compatible with iPhone. We all need electricity but sometimes we use it like water. Meter Readings tells you what you’re spending every day and also compares the price you’re paying with that of your neighbours. In a tangled marketplace of providers and tariffs the app helps you clear a path to energy savings. Read more here.  

Onavo Extend:
Free and available for Android, Onavo Extend manages your data, compressing it and helping you avoid exceeding your monthly limit. No more searching for Wi-Fi when the shutters come down on your surfing. See what they can do for you here


This free app for iPhone and Android is great, whether you’re compiling a shopping list or going in cold. You can enter a list into the app and it tells you what’s cheapest where. Or you can simply walk in and scan the barcodes on what you want to see if it’s cheaper at another location. Find out more here.

The driving force behind this free app for iPhone and Android is to get you cashback on your purchases. They give you a daily list of deals, which you can then redeem by taking a snap of your receipt and sending it to the app. Cashback can be transferred to your bank account but watch out because CheckoutSmart charge 5% on anything below £20. Read more here.


Big Oven:
Stuck for recipe ideas? Or maybe you have little idea what a recipe actually involves! Big Oven is a free app for iPhone and Android that teaches you about good food and also shows you what you can do with your leftovers. Satisfy your hunger here

O2 Priority Moments:
Free and available for iPhone, Android and Windows, this is a great one stop shop for freebies and deals, such as the legendary £1 lunch offer. Dive in to a raft of offers here