How To Deal With Homesickness

How To Deal With Homesickness

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Living away from home for the first time can be a big deal.

Moving away from friends and family can be tough to begin with, but rest assured - most students settle into their new environment, and find that a student accommodation can, in fact, become a home-from-home.

For those who are finding it hard to settle, Loc8me has a few tips to share to help combat homesickness...

Make Your Space Homely

First things first - make your student accommodation as homely as you can. (You may need to check with your landlord before nailing anything to walls!)

Pack photos of your friends and family, bring your favourite duvet, cushions, blankets, mirrors, candles - anything that makes your accommodation feel more homely.

Set your room to be similar to your bedroom at home - install your gaming unit, arrange your work desk and set out your dressing table, if you have one.

This will help familiarise your surroundings and bring a sense of home to your student accommodation.

Talk about it (no, really - you must…)

This is probably our most important tip - if you are really struggling with homesickness, talk to someone about it.

Whilst this might seem quite daunting, you’ll feel much better afterwards.

Talking to a friend or loved one will help - you never know, a friend may also be feeling the same way.

If you don’t feel that you can talk to someone you are close to, contact your student union - there will be a support team, or councillors, that you can speak to if you are struggling.

Get Involved

The SU is a useful place for help and advice, but it is also a great place to meet people and get involved with University life.

Consider joining a club or society - whether your passion is climbing, politics, rock & roll or real ale, there are societies aplenty to choose from.

Head down to your SU during Freshers’ week to see what’s on offer.

Keep in Touch

This might sound obvious, but keeping in touch with loved ones is key. What’s more, we’re surrounded by a range of technology that makes staying in contact easy!

There are a range of apps that you can easily download to your phone, laptop or tablet (such as Skype) that connects both video and voice calls. Whatsapp is great for group texts and, of course, various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are good for keeping your friends and followers updated with your latest news.

Arrange a daily/weekly call with family or friends, and add these to a diary - this will help you keep in touch regularly.

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