Getting your Student Accommodation Deposit Back

Getting your Student Accommodation Deposit Back

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Whether you’re looking to get a student house or you’re already in one, getting every bit of your prized deposit back is important. Any student knows that saving the pennies where possible is valuable knowledge and so is avoiding the awkward run-in with the landlord to explain what happened last night. Research suggests that just 1 in 4 students receive 90% or more of their deposit back at the end of tenancy compared with around 60% of tenants nationally. 

However, learning from others’ mistakes could be valuable info here and a quick look at a guide created by online furniture retailer The Furniture Market proves this. The guide calls upon students to confess the most unusual situations they got into while renting student accommodation and how much these boozy night mistakes cost. From £77 to a whopping £500, student antics can incur some pretty pricey charges. This could range from drunkenly removing eyelashes that later embed themselves within your carpet to some Halloween stains with an expensive aftermath that sucks your pockets dry. The revelry of student life can leave you vulnerable to these late night mishaps. So looks like saving those pounds on student drink deals doesn’t always work out in your best financial interests. 

While house parties are the pinnacle of student digs and a great way to boost your social credibility, the correlation between alcohol fuelled students and higher losses of deposits is undeniable. While The Furniture Market can’t help students with getting their deposits back, the guide does offer some valuable life experience from past students. Hopefully you will be all the wiser after a quick look. If not, the threat of having to explain to your parents why you paid a £100 damage charge for a broken bed should be enough. 

- By Lily Nicole