Get Ready For Results Day!

Get Ready For Results Day!

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Before results day:

Emotions run high on A Level results day, therefore it is important to be prepared so that it goes as smoothly as possible. Make sure that you have your UCAS log in details, contacts for your school or college and first choice university to hand before you check your results. This will make it easier to get in touch with them should you need to.

If your first choice university confirms a place for you:

Well done! Now that the stress of waiting for results is over you can begin preparing for your move to university. Make sure that you have done all the appropriate applications for financial aid and accommodation. Both can usually be done before results day but it is important to be certain that you have money and a place to live at university, then you can continue with your results celebrations without worrying about it. Moving on to more academic matters, most universities have course information posted before the beginning of term. Therefore, you can order textbooks and whatever else you need for your course before term begins and start preparing (this may sound uncool but it really helps!). Finally, don’t forget to buy all of your essentials for your university digs so that you are ready to settle in by September.

If your results are unconfirmed:

Sometimes your results will not be published as soon as everybody else’s. This could be because your first choice has not received your results yet, or because you did not quite make the required grades and they are deciding whether to confirm your place or not. If in doubt, get in contact your first choice university or your school’s advisor on higher education.


Clearing is available for students who do not achieve the grades that their offer asked for, or those who did not receive any offers. Clearing allows you to fill a university’s extra places, even though you may not have applied there in the first place. It also offers you the chance to change course if your chosen subject has few spare spaces. You can sign up to the clearing system through the UCAS website between July and September.

Don't forget to visit for our guide to results day and clearing.

If you are still concerned about results day or if you have queries on the day then you can call the UCAS exam results helpline on 0808 100 8000 or visit their website or Facebook page for more advice.