University Fashion

University Fashion

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By Ryle Trott

 - One of the most exciting things about going to university is the wide range of new faces to meet. What makes living in an area full of fellow students so different, is the vast variety of people who have moved from all over the country and possibly all over the world, bringing their cultures with them. Being one of many thousands of students attending your university means it is essential that you find your own way of expressing your individuality, and with such a diverse variety of personalities, university is a place where you can dress however you like and not be judged, look out of place or be seen as not being à la mode.

Fashion is something that many people use to define a person on first impressions, so making sure your personality shows on the outside is a great way to both let yourself get noticed by like-minded people and also to spot potential friends. Just like in the movies and on the television, you will notice a lot of people around campus fall into cliques, with the most recognisable and categorical being members of sports teams, music maniacs, goths and rockers and fashion fanatics.

For many people, school and college are places where popularity and friend circles are generally governed by your wardrobe - something that can be issue for some as being popular usually constitutes dressing in a way that is considered normal and corresponds with what is on the high street. Living away from home opens up the opportunity not just to be around a community of people that express themselves differently, but also the chance to customise your wardrobe in any way you like. Many areas that are homes to  universities  are also home to  large town centres with, of course, the expected high street retailers for those with a passion for fashion but also niche outlets and independent shops for those who wish to spice up their apparel. With student discount available in most shops, thanks to your student ID card or an additional NUS extra card, making your mark on student fashion could not be simpler.


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