Easy Ways To Make Extra Cash While Studying

Easy Ways To Make Extra Cash While Studying

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Extra cash always comes in handy when you’re a student. You’ve got to hit the books with one hand and balance them with the other. A tricky act to accomplish…!

Because every little helps, we’ve put together some straightforward ways to top up your finances. And what’s more, you can do them all from home.

So grab a cup of tea and scroll down, to work out an easy path toward much-needed spare cash. From filling in surveys to marketing yourself, there’s lots of stuff you can try…

1: Cashback

Retail therapy is a luxury at uni. Though it is hard to resist splashing out on the odd item. If you’re one of those people, then cashback is a good option for you.

How does it work?

Cashback providers - such as TopCashback and Quidco - are only too happy to sign you up. Make sure that you register with them the free way!

Once you’re in, you can access their range of cashback offers. These links take you to some great deals with major retailers, who are grateful to cashback sites for the traffic.

The retailers pay the cashback sites a commission, but then the sites pay that money direct to you. So you’re basically being paid to shop! Amazing but true.

The sum can vary, from a few per cent of your purchase to more. And there are some good incentives for signing up, including the prospect of a tempting takeaway.

2: Online Surveys

If cashback sounds too fluffy, then how about testing your grey cells with an online survey? Survey sites cover lots of areas and are crying out for your opinions.

Why are they so keen?

Because your views are essential for marketing purposes, giving companies an idea of how to pitch their wares to the public.

You can spend ages answering simple questions, or take things up a gear by watching videos and playing games. Some offer easy tasks, others are more challenging.

Money-wise, you get paid anything from £2 to £10 per survey approx. It isn’t mega money, but online surveys make a nice little earner with the emphasis on “little”…

3: Matched Betting

Making extra cash through betting doesn’t have the best reputation. However matched betting is seen as a strategic way to bet, both safely and profitably.

We know what you’re thinking. Yeah, right! But here’s how it works. Look for the ‘free bet’ offers on betting sites. These offer something like £20 free if you sign up.

Place a ‘back bet’ - which is betting FOR something - at one outlet. Then place a ‘lay bet’ - AGAINST it happening - at another. Doing it this way means you can’t lose.

How come? Because you’ve used your free bets to cover every outcome, so a win is in the bag! You can get as much as 95% of the winning sum back for your trouble.

Knowing the ins and outs of matched betting is essential. For example, you must pay for a bet first in order to qualify for the free one. The full lowdown can be found here…

4: Sell some Stuff

A quick and easy way to make extra cash almost immediately is to look for things you don’t need anymore and sell them. All it takes is a few clicks, plus the right type of gear.

Here’s the thing. Quality is always desirable, so cool clothes you’ll never wear again are a good bet. As are obscure items like out of print books, or rare DVDs/Blu-rays.

Many online sales hubs have popped up over the years. eBay is long-established, with Facebook Marketplace looking to get in on the action also. Remember to stay safe.

5: Affiliate Marketing

If you like writing, or have the power of persuasion, then affiliate marketing might bring joy to your bank balance. It’s fairly simple, and is an extension of what you do online anyway.

How does this sound? Starting conversations about products on social media, or contributing a guest post to a blog about a certain subject? Skilled communicators are needed.

By using an affiliate networkyou can earn rewards and top up your finances. The sky really is the limit with this option… provided you have a decent-sized online presence.

Also be warned that there are certain dos and don’ts with regards mentioning things online. It’s well worth checking these out before you decide whether it’s right for you…

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