Dance Your Way Through University

Dance Your Way Through University

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The new academic year is almost upon us; and whether you’re a Fresher starting out, or a current undergraduate returning, the opportunity to undertake a brand new hobby is close at hand. In terms of societies, the selection is endless. From the practical and praiseworthy, such as Raising and Giving, to the weird and wonderful, for instance, the Nicolas Cage Appreciation Society (yes, this actually does exist), there really is something for everyone. 

I decided to audition for my dance society, Dance Exposé at the University of Leeds, from the get go. On the first day of auditions I was that keen fresher, bright eyed and bushy tailed, enthusiastically dancing right at the front of the group with high hopes of becoming a new member. Without a doubt, during my whole journey at university so far, attending that audition was the best decision I ever made. 

‘Immersive,’ ‘creative,’ ‘exhilarating,’ ’FUN,’ are just a few words I would use to summarise being part of a dance society. Not only is dance undeniably one of the most theatrical and celebratory forms of staying active, performing it as part of a society allows you to form the closest of friendships. At Leeds, Dance Exposé is a completely student run society, and members are encouraged to choreograph routines for the annual show, enabling all the many contrasting personalities of its members to shine through. By creating something as complex as a semi-professional show, you become part of a brand new, fun-loving, crazy, university family that is there to support each other in stressful times and more than often celebrate your achievements at a wacky themed social. 

Besides the obvious benefits of forming friendships and creating a compelling sense of belonging, becoming a Committee Member of any society you may join provides real gains to your employability. Whether you take on the role of President, overseeing and organising the every part of society life; Treasurer, administering budgets and seeking sponsorships for profit opportunities; or Social Secretary who decides themes, locations and activities at every social event; it provides you with relevant experience for positions of leadership in addition to valuable teamwork, organisational and communication skills. 

So, if you possess a passion for dance, crave a creative outlet, seek life long friendships and aspire for extra curricular opportunities, don’t miss out on becoming part of your university’s dance society; it’ll be the best decision you can make. 

- By Gemma Beckingham