Common Adjustment Questions - Answered

Common Adjustment Questions - Answered

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Results Day is a highly anticipated day for everyone. Nerves are to be expected and are a guarantee for Results Day. However, rather than just dreading that your grades will be lower than expected, it is also good to prepare for the best! If you have achieved higher grades than expected, applying for a different course through Adjustment might be the right decision for you. Read below for some answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Adjustment process, to ensure you are well prepared for all eventualities on Results Day.

  • Clearing and Adjustment are not the same. Adjustment is for students who have performed better than expected and have achieved higher grades than required for their firm University choice. Students with higher grades may wish to consider a course at a different university through Adjustment, without losing their secured place.
  • Check if you are eligible for Adjustment. Students who have met all of the conditions of their conditional offer at their firm choice university, and have exceeded in at least one of them, will be able to look for other courses through Adjustment without losing their place at their firm university.
  • Understand what the “Adjustment Period” is. Adjustment allows you to get onto a course with higher entry requirements than the course you have already been confirmed on. Once you enter Adjustment you have approximately 5 days to choose another course. If you don’t choose another course in the 5 days, you will remain on your original confirmed course. Adjustment is open for a shorter period of time than Clearing. This year Adjustment is available from 10th - 31st August. You will only have 5 days to use Adjustment, starting from either Results Day or the day your Conditional Firm offer changes to an Unconditional Firm, depending on which day is later.
  • There is no Adjustment Hotline. If you would like to look for courses that you will be eligible for now through Adjustment, you will need to use the UCAS Course Search tool. Once you have found a few courses you like the look of, you will need to contact the university’s admissions office to see if there are any vacancies available. Have your UCAS ID number to hand so they can view your application.
  • You can speak to multiple universities to discuss potential courses. You can speak with the admissions offices at a variety of universities if you are interested in a few different courses. When discussing your potential new course, make it clear that you are just gathering some more information, and you are not confirming a place. You should only verbally agree to a new university offer if you have made a final decision.
  • Can’t find a course you prefer in Adjustment? it is not too late to stick with your firm choice! You can register for Adjustment and not risk losing your firm choice university place. If you haven’t contacted any other unis about applying through Adjustment, then your UCAS Track will return back to normal after the 5 day Adjustment period and you’ll stay with your firm choice.
  • If you have already applied for your student loan, and have changed your university or course of study then you will need to update your details as soon as you have confirmed your clearing choice.
  • If you haven’t applied yet - then you will need to do this as soon as possible. The deadline for students to apply will have passed but the student loans company will still process your application. Since you will be applying latem there is a chance you may not receive your funding in time for your first few weeks of term. Budget for this delay to ensure you have enough money to make it through Freshers!
  • You don’t need to change your personal statement if applying for a new university through Adjustment.Your original personal statement will have all of the necessary information. If you have more experience you wish to add, then it is worth mentioning this to the university when discussing your Adjustment options.

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