Clearing 2020; Make Your Choice

Clearing 2020; Make Your Choice

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Clearing 2020; make your choice

When it comes to A-level results, people around you and experts in the media will say “congratulations on your results”, while the noise is all about OFQUAL decisions, last minute, government catastrophe and a lost generation. However, what really matters is what you think and what you want to do. This year, more than ever before, you have time to decide.

Getting your results is only the beginning, opening a number of decisions you will have control of. The ‘day after’, especially this year, presents a number of variables you can look out for to make sure you make the best choice for yourself.

Did you get the grades you were expecting? If so, congratulations!

Now is the time for you to take a small step back and ask yourself if you have chosen the right course and the right place.

There is nothing wrong in taking some time to reflect before embarking on this adventure. If you still have some doubts or would like to explore new avenues, UCAS is able to help you change direction, even if it feels last minute! As courses will only start in October, you’ll have plenty of time.

If the results were not as you hoped, you can look into whether the calculations on your grades have been ‘fair’ and you can make an appeal if you feel you have a strong case. Of course, this is where UCAS Clearing will help you find a place suitable to your results, ensuring you don’t miss out on any opportunities. Remember that this process might take some time, but the higher education sector and its institutions are prepared for that.

Perhaps the final thing to say, and it is the hardest thing to hear, is that if your results in these extraordinary times are not what you wanted or needed, it is not the end of the world. I tell you this as Principal of LCCM, with a PhD, MSc and BSc (hons) and a 20-year career in higher education. I failed all but one of my A-levels and went through Clearing myself, exploring new paths and discovering my true calling.

Dr Simon Jones, Principal at London College of Creative Media (LCCM)