Best Unis for Employment

Best Unis for Employment

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Which of the UK’s universities are setting their students up to graduate with the best chance of success? Take a look at which universities have the best results for graduate employment. Its perhaps no surprise to see Oxford and Cambridge at the top this list.

Thena have a look at which universities spend the most of their careers services. Smaller instituaitions like UCb and Liverpool Hope and putting a lot of resource into helping students find the best career pathways after graduation. For ay students looking at which universities are able to offer the most support this is definitely interesting to know.

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Top 10 Best Universities by Employability (Overall Ranking/10) Rank University Overall Score

1 University of Oxford 7.92

2 University of Cambridge 7.27

3 Imperial College London 7.24

4 Lancaster University 7.09

5 University of Nottingham 6.87

6 University of Exeter 6.63

7 University of York 6.40

8 University of East Anglia 6.33

9 University of Reading 6.24

10 University of Bristol 6.13

Top 10 Universities By Career Service Spend (Per Student 2018/19)

University Careers Spend per Student

1 University College Birmingham £199.73

2 Liverpool Hope University £150.38

3 Lancaster University £145.39

4 De Montfort University £131.58

5 Bishop Grosseteste University £118.86

6 University of East Anglia £105.50

7 University of Oxford £104.41

8 University of Reading £101.69

9 University of Bradford £98.64

10 Solent University £94.56