A Student’s Guide to Clearing

A Student’s Guide to Clearing

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Here is our short intro to the process:

By Victoria Taylor
 - So you’re on the verge of finishing Sixth Form, and are all geared up and eager to head off to uni- you’ve sent off all your applications, and now all you need to do is wait. However, you might not be so sure about the term “Clearing,” you may have heard: not to worry, though- this article will explain it all.

Essentially, you are eligible for Clearing (which takes place between the middle of July and September) if you decline all of your offers from the universities you’ve applied to, if you are not accepted on to any courses, if you haven’t obtained the grades you were hoping for, or if you missed the deadline application, you will automatically be entered into Clearing. It is a way to offer more courses for students, who, for whatever reason, haven’t been able to get on to the one of their choosing. The places vary wildly: the universities can be located anywhere up and down the country, and you may not necessarily be able to find a university that offers the exact course you want, if you go through Clearing, so you may have to compromise a little.

When you’re going through clearing to obtain a university place, instead of sending off electronic offers to universities, you instead contact them directly by phone: you will then have an interview of sorts, where you discuss the course you wish to take with the university, and then they will decide whether to offer you a place or not. However, it’s probably advisable to shop around a little first, so to speak: you now have a lot of options open to you that you didn’t even consider before. For example, if the only places left available to you are a lot further away from you than planned, or are in a completely new environment (moving from a city to the countryside, or vice versa), this may be something to take into consideration: maybe some new scenery could really benefit you at this point in your life? Similarly, you may not be able to take the exact course you want due to lack of available space: you might end up doing something like Creative and Professional Writing, as opposed to just Creative Writing as a core. Although this may initially come across as disappointing, it may pay off in the end by opening up new career or subject choices in your chosen field.

What’s important to remember, is that although some people may see Clearing as a bad thing, it honestly is not. Even though you may feel limited because you have not been able to take the choices you want, the alternatives on offer may turn out to be just as good, or even better than you could have hoped for. Embrace the opportunity instead of thinking of Clearing as a negative thing- who knows, maybe it will be one of the best things to ever happen to you!